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Team: Stefano Lanotte
Location: Base, Milano, Italy
Year: 2019
Installation: ongoing

Borneo brings us in a immaginary jungle.
It is a window on the vegetation, is a wall that opens hiself to receive pieces of nature and to bring them into everyday life: it rapresents a pretext to open our eyes on new scenaries.
It critically reflects on our artificial everyday life, on the widespread  desire to regain a more direct connection with nature and, in the same time, on the factual impossibility to obtain it -except in a regulated and domesticated dimension-.
In the urban, work and domestic context, Borneo generates synergies between nature and furniture, promoting the development of new hybrid situations which reduce the boundaries between natural and artificial space.
The infinite formal solutions resulting from the three basic modules allow us to reinterpret every possible space generating new living and emotional contexts.
The wall could be inhabitated by a plant community made by different species, both ornamental and productive, becoming a dense and differentiate resource.



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