JTC _ Jet Cafè

The bar is located in the corner between via Tajani and via Amadeo. The bar is designed all around the classic volume of the bar counter just in the center of the space. From this element - made of white marble panels refined by dark walnut - you can see all the room and coordinate the service. A big iron-made bottle rack, designed as a little architecture, is suspended on the bar counter. The bottle rack is a sculptural and technical element that puts in order drinks and becomes a recognizable icon of the place.

The kitchen spaces are redesigned according to ergonomic criteria to facilitate the preparation of the dishes.

The dishes are distributed through an aedicule also made of marble modules and dark walnut wood, in close visual relationship with the counter.

From many years in the neighborhood, the bar is adequate to different types of users throughout the day and its spaces have been designed to ensure maximum flexibility and interpenetration between different possible uses.

In the morning it starts with breakfast, then continues with business lunches. In the afternoon, young people and workers go to the restaurant for a break or to study at the tables, in the evening aperitifs and cocktails are served until late. To adapt to these progressive changes, materials, colors and furnishings have been chosen that can accommodate the daily life of the neighborhood.

The existing flooring, worn out by the years, is replaced by elements reminiscent of historic tiles but, thanks to a simple texture, they are immediately connoted as contemporary. Spaces are united by color, all walls and ceilings are painted in a warm blue.

Struck by the light of day, it conveys a feeling of tranquility, while in the evening, with artificial lighting, it creates a comfortable scene for the most convivial or relaxing moments. The artificial light is diffused by luminous globes suspended at different heights and by projectors that guarantee a precise supply of light where required.

With the renovation of the spaces, the bar has been able to change and update itself linguistically, remaining a fixed meeting place for the inhabitants of the area, in continuity with its history.

Team: Stefano Lanotte

Typology: cafè

Client: Private

Dimension: 100 mq
Location: Milano, Italy
Year: 2020
Project status: completed
Photo: Marta Carenzi

Arch. Stefano Lanotte

P.IVA 07868520961

Ordine Architetti PPC Milano 18105

Arch. Laura Mantegazza

P.IVA 07094860967

Ordine Architetti PPC Milano 17446

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