House for a four-people family, focused on the project of the living space, with kitchen and dinette. The existing space is reordered with a reinterpretation of a traditional type of space - the dinette - in which get togheter, share and dialogue.

The main idea that guides the intervention is to give the same hierarchical importance to the two functions -cook and meet- by splitting space in two. A grey storage unit surrounds and continue the existing pillar, becoming the fifth wall of the room. In it a small serving hatch, made in natural wood, visually connects the two spaces like a small window. The separation exalt the two passages, one towards the living room and the other towards the garden.

The space that communicates with the garden is equipped with a table - custom designed - used as a additional surface and work place for the kitchen. The space next to the living room takes up the spatial qualities of the dinette in the historic houses, with a large iron and natural wood table in italian walnut wood, also custom designed. The spatial typology of the dinette responds perfectly to the needs of the family, offering a welcoming, comfortable and cozy space linked to the kitchen.

A big furniture in shades of gray occupies completely the background wall, becoming the element of both visual and spatial continuity. The kitchen, with a simple and minimal design, is enhanced by two large slabs of Calacatta marble , which characterize and enrich the worktop.

The project gives to the family two new spaces with different qualities, capable of welcoming and ordering everyday life.

Team: Stefano Lanotte

Typology: Residential

Client: Private

Dimension: 115 mq
Location: Casatenovo, LC, Italy
Year: 2019
Project status: completed
Photo: Marta Carenzi


Private space

Public space

Marble volume

Custom designed tables

Arch. Stefano Lanotte

P.IVA 07868520961

Ordine Architetti PPC Milano 18105

Arch. Laura Mantegazza

P.IVA 07094860967

Ordine Architetti PPC Milano 17446

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