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The school is built on a promontory, its volumes are stictely related with the orography of the place and complete it.

The project follows the aggregative composition of the whole school, closely related with the natural context. The new school is concentrated on the east side, with particular attention to the connection between different levels, to the routes and to the construction of covered outdoor spaces. The new building is parallel to a natural slope in the north-east direction, reinterpreted as a balcony over the landscape.

On the ground floor, in continuity with the garden, there are two distinct buildings, the Infant School and the Refectory.

The Infant School is characterized by a laminated wood frame structure. This construction technology guarantees maximum flexibility of use and allows large windows that make the most of natural light. A system of sliding curtains regulates the lighting in the rooms and draws the prospectus. This building can be used independently of the building complex.

The Refectory, accessible to all school users, and the kitchen are located in a volume on the ground floor, in continuity with the garden. The structure of this building is made by concrete and also works as a terracing, consolidating and designing the slopes of the site. A large architrave go across the façade and allows large glass surfaces towards the garden.

Classroom activities are located in the upper floor: from here you can also access the shared porch. The building is designed with environmental sustainability criteria. Its compact volume reduces soil consumption, while materials and processes are designed to guarantee minimum energy consumption.

Natural light is enhanced and in the roof surfaces collectors and solar panels are mounted.

Team: Camilla De Camilli, Stefano Lanotte

Location: Morbio Superiore, Switzerland
Year: 2019
Competition: III Prize

why associati architettura design landscape, +Uno Lattecaldo

Scuola dell’infanzia _Lattecaldo

why associati architettura design landscape, +Uno Lattecaldo
why associati architettura design landscape, +Uno Lattecaldo