Urban Street

Team: Laura Mantegazza

Typology:  Urban street renovation

Cliente: Municipality
Location: Basiano, Italy

Year: 2017
Project status: in progress


The requalification of Donizzetti street provides an intervention of traffic reduction and landscape strenghtening. The goal is to decrease the vehicles’ speed -currently too high- thanks to some targeted intervention and give an urban landscape with different areas and a great variety of spaces. An analysis shows some weaknesses on road safety and a lack of attention on the rural landscape: the project divides the whole area in four parts with common charateristics developes four complementary strategies of intervention.

Arch. Stefano Lanotte

P.IVA 07868520961

Ordine Architetti PPC Milano 18105

Arch. Laura Mantegazza

P.IVA 07094860967

Ordine Architetti PPC Milano 17446

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