The house was wanted by the owner of a 910 sm field, filled into two preexisting buildings.

The architecture emphasizes the close relationship with outher space: the new simple volume is close to an old building on the border, leaving free the rest of the area. The sliding of the new building front allows at the same time to obtain a big garden on the back and to reduce the entrance space. Moreover, it allows to use an easier compositional language.

Three sides of the house are protected by a portico in wich you can enjoy the garden sheltered from the rain and from the sun.

Large full height windows open to the inner and familiar space of the backyard; the access is more opaque and protects from the street.

A simple concrete stair allows to get to the upper floor. The stair is aligned to the glass door of a loggia.

A lateral lower added-up volume holds the vintage cars of the ower.


Team: Stefano Lanotte

Typology: Family house

Client: Private

Dimension: 190 mq

Location: Grezzago, Mi, Italy
Year: 2016
Project status: completed
Photo: Marta Carenzi

Arch. Stefano Lanotte

P.IVA 07868520961

Ordine Architetti PPC Milano 18105

Arch. Laura Mantegazza

P.IVA 07094860967

Ordine Architetti PPC Milano 17446

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