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Progetto Abitazione Urbino


Team: Stefano Lanotte, Raffaella Vagnerini

Typology: Rural Housing

Cliente: Private
Location: Urbino, Italy
Year: 2013
Project status: completed

Photo: Marta Carenzi

The renovation of a country house located a few kilometers from the historic center of Urbino.
This is an intervention aimed at exalting the existing structure by reconciling the valorisation of the materials present with a calibrated redistribution of internal spaces marked by big walls.
The principal customer's request was the recovery and the closure of the existing loggia, to enjoy during the winter, the search for a solution that would allow it to be used in the open air during the summer and finally to maintain the main entrance function at home.
The big window-wall meets all the requests of the owner: made up of two parts, the first one a big sliding wall of 3.50 x 2.15 m and the second part with hinged steel trim corten size 0.90 x 2.15m .
The first part of the window slides in front of the second entrance, standing quietly on the brick facade. The corten finish of the windows, brickwork, brickwork and the bleached wood ceiling, the wood-effect flooring offer a minimal, warm and welcoming ambience, in keeping with the poetic landscape of the Marche hills.

Pianta piano terra
serramento a scorrere a tutta altezza
serramento a scorrere a tutta altezza
facciata vetro e mattoni
Abitazione a Urbino serrammento a tutta altezza
Abitazione a Urbino
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